Photo of Obama Serving Meals to Harvey Victims Goes Viral, But There’s Just 1 BIG Problem


Obama is a fraud! He was, he is and he will always be. Today the American nation witnessed how tricky the media can be. Barack Obama, also, wanted to play president for Americans sending “heartwarming” message, but it quickly backfired after the nation stroke back at him, reminding Obama what he did during the Lousiana floods.

However, this time the leftists went too far away by posting a picture which was quickly misinterpreted.

Sadly, a lot of Americans out there have decided to politicize Hurricane Harvey rather than focus on unity during such a trying time.

Almost immediately, Trump’s reaction was hyper analyzed and compared to how Obama dealt with disasters.

Some even decided to tweet out a photo of Obama allegedly serving hot meals to victims of Harvey.

Only one problem.

The pic was actually taken in 2015.

From The Daily Caller:

The photo has since been deleted with its accompanying caption, which states “something you’ll never see trump do: Obama is in Texas serving meals!”

The internet never fails to politicize natural disasters and troll President Trump. This photo of Obama was actually from 2015 when he was serving Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter.

The tweet had enough time to go viral, however, receiving close to 15,000 likes and almost 8,000 retweets today.


As the article points out, the damage was done.

Thousands of people saw this picture and are now walking around thinking it’s true.

Just another reminder that you can’t believe everything you see on Twitter.

H/T YoungCons

Either way, the liberals will choose what they want to believe in. Those people are living trapped inside the bubble and they don’t want to hear anything which is different, even if you’re able to prove them wrong with FACTS.

They will quickly call you racist, bigot, homophobe and continue screaming until you give up… That’s how sick Soros’ footmen are.