Pittsburgh Steelers Just Made a Team Decision on The National Anthem and It’s Not Good


THEY DID THE UNTHINKABLE! The unseen madness in the NFL continues and what the Pittsburgh Steelers just did will make any American fan angry to the bone.

When you thought things are going to change for the better after Donald Trump sent his clear message to all rebellious and arrogant players, the Steelers decided to fight back.

What they don’t understand is that President Trump didn’t speak for himself only, he spoke in the name of ALL AMERICANS and NFL fans who are disgusted, sick, and tired from the liberal arrogance.

The mainstream media ignored the rage of the nation, they even supported the rebellious players to continue with their communist charade. The stadiums are empty and the NFL ratings are lower than ever. That’s why Trump decided to speak in the name of the nation he represents.

Today, Pittsburgh Steelers have their own response for President Trump:


This is a ‘level up’ for the leftists. Their entire team discredits and blocks the national anthem. This is sick! Now, you can expect one thing only- the NFL to pull the ANTHEM off their program, instead of punishing the rogue players. That’s how this ends.

And in the end, we are getting back to the old thesis: Liberals underestimate the American nation. They still keep on doing what they do best- cruel and tendentious media propaganda-to destroy everything which is considered AMERICAN and patriotic from the media.  They think that with all of these pathetic and desperate moves they will get more voters. They are so wrong!

NFL will face a total devastation sooner or later. The so-called ‘resistance’ by these MILLIONAIRES needs to stop.