SHOCK POLL – Republicans Take Over California – The Liberal Bastion Is Turning RED!

California is one blue state that, believe it or not, is starting to turn red! The Democratic bastion on the west coast will be no more a ,,cage” that releases liberal ,,philosophers” such as Meryl Streep or Rosie O’Donnell. The patriots from this state decided to bring the power to the people and unite with the rest of the country in building strong and powerful America. This is a shocking news for the Democratic party because people activists started powerful campaign in favor of our President-Donald Trump!

California is famous for being the most left-wing state in the union. Reportedly, most of Hillary Clinton’s touted “majority” votes came from that single state, and that’s not surprising, given its combination of flaky celebrities and illegal aliens who no doubt were allowed to cast ballots.It wasn’t always this way. California was also the birthplace of the Reagan Revolution, which began with the Gipper was governor. Is it possible that this bluest of blue states is turning red?  Trump already made historic gains in the 2016 election, but the latest poll has even Republicans floored.

One poll doesn’t another “revolution” make, but these findings are certainly unexpected:

Roughly 74 percent of California residents want to see an end to sanctuary city policies, according to a poll by UC Berkeley.

The issue to end sanctuary cities in the state crosses racial and party lines, with 65 percent of Hispanics registering their agreement, while 70 percent of independents, 82 percent of Republicans, and 73 percent of Democrats feel the same.

During President Donald Trump’s term, sanctuary cities could see a cut in federal funding and pushback from the Department of Justice under likely Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

After Trump’s bold-faced threat to defund sanctuary cities, paired with the latest terror attacks in The Golden State, Californians are finally coming around to the truth: that Republican policies to protect Americans is in the best interests of every citizen.

Note that the source of the poll isn’t a conservative think tank, but the Berkeley campus of the University of California. The name “Berkeley” has been synonymous with radical leftwing activism since the early 1960s.

Can you imagine the look on their faces when they got the results of this poll back? It’s a minor miracle they even agreed to make it public.

Perhaps the election of Donald Trump has finally freed ordinary people to tell the truth to pollsters, whoever they may be.  It could also be the first domino in turning blue California red again, and Republican experts are already seeing other striking evidence of this.

H/T Patriot Journal

What do you think, dear patriots, can we make Cali RED again? The leftists took over our beautiful state and they keep it so long. The American patriots in California are completely oppressed and they fight with discrimination every day. We can not let California become a Mexican colony. We can not let the Hollywood celebrities spread their sick propaganda. WE HAVE TO UNITE THE COUNTRY AND MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!