Portland Mayor Banns Trump Supporters’ Freedom Of Speech

The liberal leftists are losing it. These people presented that in this country they don’t want to be equal before the law and they still try to manipulate the public. However, their violent followers and their dangerous rhetoric brought nothing good. The liberal mayors think they can compromise President Trump and the conservative Americans. Look what happened in Portland:

The Mayor of Portland, Oregon just showed his true colors today when he announced his intention to STEAL the 1st Amendment from Trump supporters.

I wish I was kidding, but I’m not in the slightest. Mayor Ted Wheeler is now actively calling for the cancellation of the “Trump free speech rally” and ANY similar rallies from this point on.

According to the SJW mayor, pro-Trump and pro-Conservative events “peddle a message of hatred.”

What’s even sicker is that the mayor is using the HORRIBLE tragedy that took place in his city to push his agenda. He referenced the White Supremacist who murdered the young man and Navy Veteran on a train over the weekend.Also, it’s nuts to say that President Trump advocates for people like this when he clearly does not. If the Mayor took 5 seconds to read this Tweet posted by the President today he could see for himself where Donald Trump and his supporters stand.


See? Oh and as far as the claim that those are “Trump’s people”, here is the murder being REJECTED by Trump supporters at the rally he was kicked out of.

It’s like I said before, Mayor Wheeler could have seen this for himself with a simple internet search. However, his bigotry towards the right clouded his judgment and now he is rejecting them and the US Constitution.

You could see this and say “Well, it’s not in my state so who cares?” However, it’s important to share this out and tell them we will NOT sit by and watch this happen. Otherwise, how long until Liberals around the country make it ILLEGAL to even think differently?

H/T Liberty Writers News

These liberals are so borring. They preach about tolerance, and meanwhile, they support the biggest tyrants in our society. That’s really pathetic. We must not let them do this to our country. We have to fight back! SHARE THIS POST IF YOU’RE A PROUD AMERICAN PATRIOT!