President Trump Just Made a History – Look What Was Announced Today


This is what we’ve been all expecting from President Trump! The reforms supposed to help the American people get out of the economic misery and collapse caused by the pro-socialistic regime and the deep state are working perfectly.

The American GDP is rising rapidly. America is slowly, but surely becoming great again.

Donald Trump is having the best Saturday after he received the great news about American GDP rising to 19%! That is an awesome result.

The reports confirm the information after DOW announced that since the elections in November the GDP is rising rapidly “at high stakes” going by 19% and over.

Under President Trump’s lead, the second quarter annual GDP growth rate was doubled from the President’s first quarter, adding that the GDP surpassed the record $19 Trillion for the first time in the history of the U.S. under President Trump’s guidance, which only goes on to show that he is a man of his word, putting in all the efforts to fix our nation, one leaking whole at a time.

However, when compared to former President Barack Obama eight years ago, the former POTUS’ GDP results were far from impressive. Just to clarify, in his first two quarters under Obama, the US GDP shrank, and at the end of 2008, the U.S. GDP stood as low as $14.5 Trillion, shrinking to $14.4 at the end of Obama’s first quarter in office, and continuing to fall until Obama’s second quarter in office.

This is the true face of the new White House administration. What we all expected from President Donald Trump is happening now. Let’s hear the liberal loudmouths screaming now. THEY CAN’T!

Just give this man a chance! The communists of the Congress should be ashamed for sabotaging man with such a great vision and sense for investment.

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