President Trump Locked In Air Force One After This Insane Person Threatened To Shot Him Down

President Donald Trump was moved by the natural catastrophe that stroke Texas, and decided to visit the flooded areas. He announced his plans to visit the state a few days ago. But, the President didn’t count on the fact that some people will use the opportunity to attack him.

The President landed at Corpus Christi International Airport, and he was accompanied by his lovely wife, First Lady Melania Trump. The First Couple decided to tour the flooded areas and talk to the victims who lost their homes in the storm.

Citizens gathered to honor the President and greet his good intentions. Let’s not forget the protesters who showed up to deliver their message. Instead of helping the flood victims, these people used the opportunity to trash the president.

Liberals used social networks to mock First Lady Melania for her appearance. It seems like they didn’t like her black stilettos. But, they sort of missed the photo in which First Lady Melania wears her comfy shoes.

President Trump flew in Austin, and he was ready to attend the meetings and talk about the current situation. This created perfect conditions for a lunatic called “BummyShiii.” This person tried to use the President’s visit, and “go down in history.” Secret Service agents were alerted and Air Force One was locked down. “BummyShiii” literally advertised the President’s assassination, discussing about his fantasizes of shooing him at the airport in Austin.

President is flying into the airport tom I hope I see him so I can piss on his ass — bummy,” BummyShiii tweeted. The user was encouraged by other users, and he promised to go down in history. “Say no more, I will go down in history today,” the user tweeted.

Well, BummyShiii did go in history. The Secret Service will have to pay him a visit, and ask him a couple of questions.

What do you think about this story? Do you think this person really wanted to shoot President Donald Trump in the head? Is this threat somehow connected with the President’s political opponents?