Priceless Moment: Liberal ‘Snake’ Steps On US Flag- Look How Our Troops Responded!


As time’s passing by, I realize only one thing: The liberal leftist DO NOT RESPECT OR LOVE the USA. These people, obviously, fight for the New World Order agenda and the globalization of the world. This post is just another proof. Look what this crazy liberal did to our flag, before our troops… This is SICK!

Entitled liberal haters claim they mean no disrespect to our military and our men and women in uniform. They just don’t like the policies of the commander-in-chief.

But this video demonstrates otherwise.

First, this liberal scumbag of a woman steps all over the American flag with a big, stupid grin on her face.

The soldiers behind her can’t take it, and turn their backs.

At that point, one of this woman’s friends shouts “we got them,” and she chuckles with glee.

Absolutely vile.

This is not legitimate protest.

It may not be illegal, but it certainly isn’t respectful.

You may not like the government’s policies, but stepping on the American flag and putting down American soldiers proves that the real problem is YOU.

H/T Conservative Post

This is a definition of disrespect and hatred. She thinks that she is a proud “black panther”. Oh dear God! If Martin L. King could have seen this he would have cursed this sick woman. HE FOUGHT AGAINST THE ELITISTS- THE SAME PEOPLE WHO RECRUIT THESE SICK AND NASTY BARBARIANS!