PROUD PATRIOT Toby Keith Risks Entire Career & Takes MASSIVE Stand For Trump – You’ll Cheer


As we all know by now, in the liberal entertainment industry it is considered a risk to one’s career to support Donald Trump in any way. Many of them who publicly stand with Trump are considered as ‘losers’ and their careers are facing backlash.

That’s why these announcements in favor of President Trump come as such a welcome surprise.

Toby Keith is among the favorite musician to the Conservatives because he publicly stood for Trump many times. He faced major backlash when he decided to drop everything and perform on Trump’s inauguration while dozens of performers turned their back on Trump.

Today, it’s been announced that Keith will be joining Trump on his upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia. Keith will be performing on Saturday in Riyadh, during Trump’s two day visit to the country.

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and Fox News host Bret Baier will also join Trump on his two day visit. They will have a speech at the event Keith is set to perform at.

The second day, Trump is scheduled to have a speech at a banquet hosted by King Salman. Salman said that he hopes to use the event to “forge new partnership” in the war against extremism.

“Saudi Arabia is delighted at being the number-one (stop for Trump’s visit), delighted by the re-emergence of a strong diplomatic relationship with the United States and delighted by the opportunity to show off Saudi leadership of the Arab and the Muslim world by getting everybody to turn up in Riyadh for multiple, overlapping summits,” announced Simon Henderson, the Washington Institute’s director of the Gulf and Energy Policy Program.

Toby Keith deserves a big “Thank You” from all of us for standing with Trump in any moment.

He is a true patriot that respects our country, and knows what’s best for it. In contrast of the Hollywood liberals and any other famous anti-Trumper, he knows that Trump is a good thing for all of us and he needs our support in this moment.

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