JUST IN: Puerto Rico Governor Breaks His Silence, Exposes Nasty Liberal Lie [Video]


The Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello, made a public appearance on Wednesday via satellite, thanking the federal government and president Trump himself for a “very good” and “very effective” response to the catastrophe.

Puerto Rico was hit by two devastating hurricanes in the span of just two weeks, causing a national catastrophe.

“Right now, the whole island, the infrastructure is devastated.” said Rossello and added: “This hurricane has hit every corner of Puerto Rico. We have no energy grid. We have little access to water.”

Aside from all the effort that president Trump and his administration are making in order to help the citizens of Puerto Rico and improve the tough conditions they’re living in right now, there still are people who are recklessly criticizing the federal governments’ actions in relation to the storm.

It turns out that the statements claiming that Trump is ignoring Americans that need help is complete nonsense, of course. Goldberg, a regular on the show, asked, “I wonder if he realizes these are American citizens?”

The Trump administration is facing criticism for its response in the aftermath of the two storms, with some even calling it woeful

In a Thursday tweet, Trump contended that first responders were doing a “GREAT” job in Puerto Rico.

he View’s co-host Sara Haines referred to the president’s assertion of the “great” effort when she asked Rossello how the Trump administration was doing “in terms of response so far.”

“And do you think it’s enough?” Haines asked.

“Here’s the two components we need to consider,” said Rossello. “The president has been in contact with me almost on a daily basis. So he is aware of the devastation, and I thank him for issuing pre-land emergency declarations. He has also given instructions to FEMA and other federal agencies to help Puerto Rico.” -according to westernjournalism.

Thanking for the ongoing help and support, Rossello also noted that the situation is still critical and that what’s needed the most at this moment are human resources. Some of the people working on the field are not even reporting to work and supplies can not reach the most wounded areas.

Personnel from FEMA and the Department of Defense have been deployed to assist the people of Puerto Rico.

Rossello also called out people’s empathy and asked for Puerto Rico to be treated equally and asked the federal government to continue its support and “…avoid a humanitarian crisis in the United States and put Puerto Rico on the path to recovery.”

In what’s called the worst catastrophe in the history of Puerto Rico people lost their lives and their homes and continue to struggle in devastating conditions. The matter at hand is most serious and should be treated as such, not being abused for political rivalry. This means that every accusation on the federal government’s storm response based on ideological differences should be discredited.

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