Punk Fights With Desperate State Trooper – Then a Cowboy Shows Up [VIDEO]

This post is dedicated to a brave police police officer who fought like a beast, with no retreating, against a crazy criminal, who nearly killed the bravo cop. However, this post sends a strong message for unity of the people, when the nearby men came over to help the officer beat the violent criminal. More details and video below:

A recent video of a policeman wrestling with a crazed criminal revealed the dangers our law enforcement officers face on a daily basis.

The video, captured by an eyewitness on Wednesday, caught the scene that unfolded after what began as an traffic stop on New York’s Southern State Parkway in Long Island, New York.

WABC reported that a state trooper pulled over a vehicle near Exit 19S and a struggle ensued. When the trooper tried to arrest the driver, the driver began driving away with the trooper hanging from the window.

The car eventually crashed into a median and that’s when the eyewitness began recording.

The trooper, who was inside the car at this point, wrestled the driver out of the car. His face was bleeding, but he never let go of the driver.

While the two men scuffled in the road, two other motorists — one of them wearing a cowboy hat — rushed to the scene and helped the trooper subdue the man.

“A couple good Samaritans hopped out of their vehicles, when the officer got the guy, the suspect, out of the car, and as he tried to get him restrained, two good Samaritans came out of their car and held the guy down,” a witness told WABC.

Talk about heroes.

Fox News reported the driver, Kyreem Kelly, 29, was originally pulled over for texting while driving. He now faces a litany of charges that include aggravated assault upon a police officer, second-degree assault, first-degree reckless endangerment and resisting arrest.

The trooper was treated at a hospital for head injuries, and was expected to make a full recovery.

Take a look:

This video shows how relentless and brave police officers must be when pursuing some criminals. Kelly wasn’t going to give up easily, and this trooper faced multiple dangers during the fight.

Thank goodness they have the strength to persevere, and thank goodness for the good Samaritans that came to his rescue — we need more people like them in the world.

H/T Conservative Tribune

Good job people! This is the American spirit. We have to stay united against criminals of any kind and support the people of the law. We have to show those criminals where they belong. Look at the poor cop, and he is not the only one. The criminals feel free to attack and even kill a police officer. That’s changing soon.