BOOM: Putin EXPLODES On Live TV – Explains How Obama And Hillary Created ISIS!


You have to be stupid and extremely ignorant to think that ISIS and their allied terrorist groups are not made by our government. Everybody knows who created ISIS. But, it was only speculation, because it is a very hard accusation. However, Donald Trump mentioned many times in his campaign that Hillary stands behind ISIS- Hillary never said a word about this, but dodged the question.

Now, Putin is angry- he reveals the truth :

As the 14th Dalai Lama bids farewell to Moscow, he urged U.S. administration to alter its disastrous foreign policies vis-à-vis Syrian 5-year rebellion which reached a deadly impasse.

The Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader, who has himself been in exile for 56 years, praised Russian President in particular for waging a relentless crusade against diabolical terrorists and exhorted him to continue his divine mission but insisted it is not a ‘long-term solution’ to end Syrian crisis.

His remarks came at Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre, where he inaugurated the 2nd Dalai Lama international festival dubbed “Tibet: Traditions, Art, Philosophy and Peace”.

Meanwhile, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang called off a bilateral meeting with his Russian counterpart which was due this week in protest against Dalai Lama’s visit to Moscow.

“I believe the crux of today’s Middle-East problem is laid in Obama administration policies and the Saudi interference in Syrian crisis. When Saudi clerics fallaciously claim they represent Islam and they side with cutthroats in Syria; thus they give the radical groups a plausible excuse for their heinous crimes against innocent civilians,” AFP quoted the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader as saying.

It is for the first time that the octogenarian spiritual leader and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, took the unprecedented step by explicitly criticizing United States and her oil-rich Saudi allies for fomenting sectarian bloodshed in Middle-East by invariably supporting hard-line militants, e.g. ISIS and al-Nusra Front.

 Via : AWD News

OMG! This is sick! We need prosecution! We need to take immediate action! This is a shame for everybody, not just our government. Let us pray, our savior- Donald Trump will join forces with this great man- Putin. Together USA and Russia can secure better future for the CHRISTIANS! We have common enemy that must be destroyed!


H/T Supreme Patriot