RACISM!!! What Steve Harvey Said About White People Will Make Americans MAD AS HELL!!! No One Expected This!

The racism in the USA as a totaly awful social behavior appeared to happen very often. Celebrities do this, so they are really bad role models for the young folks. These people ( that spread racism) are often sponsored by some powerful foundations that fight for ,,human right” or ,,white supremacy”. Both white and black racism cause vast damage to our nation. This article represent such behavior with Steve Harvey showing his true face.

Barack Obama started this trend with BlackLiesMatter and it continued with many roganizations of this type that fight for human rights and stuff like that, but in the real scheme they exist to fill the pockets of the wealthy people involved in scenarios like this.

Steve Harvey is one of these sick, frustrated and irritated black people that brag all the time about some fake demands for human rights. They are being paid for that, thats for sure. Look how he insults white people :

A two-month investigation into the Family Feud host has apparently uncovered evidence of some racist ranting that, if true, cannot be ignored. “Spit on white people,” Harvey allegedly said, as per Freedom Daily.

A former employee of Harvey’s, Joseph Cooper, claims to be in possession of tapes of several racial rants and has filed a $20 million lawsuit against Harvey. Cooper says these types of outbursts were commonplace from Harvey.

According to Cooper, Harvey isn’t just anti-white—he is anti-American. “I don’t give a s**t about America,” Cooper accuses Harvey of saying.

H/T AngryPatriotMovement

Wow! It is surprising how far can human arrogance go. Who is this little rat to say things like that? What did white people wrong to you, except they are filling your pockets over the limit? You are a real hypocrite, Harvey. You have to cut it off, because you can face some charges!