Radical Muslims Create “Sharia-Controlled Zone” In Major U.S. City – What’s Your Response?

HORRIFYING! The Islamisation of the USA has begun. Obama and the liberal leftists did a “good work” in the past decade. They missed only 1 thing- they taught that Hillary will be the one that will sit in the Oval Office. However, they try to accomplish their agenda where they are still powerful:

The Islamic encroachment upon our way of life is growing each day. It’s a process known as “Sharia creep.”

A Muslim group from Minneapolis have created a “Muslim Defense Force” to promote and enforce Sharia law. The group assembled a unit of “religious police” who drive about the twin cities area to spread and enforce Sharia law. (via Jihad Watch)

Abdullah Rashid is the leader of these religious police, and has been spotted driving around Minneapolis with two Islamic flags attached to his car; the same flags used by ISIS and other terrorist groups.

He told reporters that he plans to create a “Sharia-controlled zone” that non-Muslims will be forced to tolerate.

Rashid is targeting, and attempting to radicalize, young Muslims. He’s stopping young Muslims and warning them that drinking and interacting with the opposite sex is strictly forbidden, and will be punished.

He’s stopped many young women that he considered to be inappropriately dressed, and told them to wear traditional Islamic garments. He’s also recruiting others to the cause of Sharia.Since moving to Minneapolis in 2015, Rashid has successfully recruited 10 men to join his police force. Rashid’s success proves that many Muslims in America desire Sharia Law.

Rashid has applied for a permit to carry a concealed handgun, which has been denied on the grounds that he would likely be a danger to himself or others. If there is any place for gun control, it is for blocking terrorists from obtaining weapons.

Thankfully, the patriots of Minneapolis are standing up against the “religious police.” Rashid has been evicted from his apartment for his efforts, and warned that he will be charged with trespassing if he returns on “patrol.”

Even other Muslims from Minneapolis have spoken out against the Muslim police force. Not because they don’t support Sharia Law, but because they believe Rashid is making them look foolish. He is being too open with his support for Sharia and terrorism.

As the presence of terrorism continues to grow in America, we need to give police additional powers to monitor potential terrorists.

We need to stand up for American values in the face of creeping Sharia and let it be known to all that the rule of law will not be compromised.

H/T Angry Patriot Movement

The radical muslims start their show. However, I think that the liberal leftists stand behind EVERYTHING. Islam is a religion of peace just like every other, but the radical Islamism is a creation of the liberal elites.