Ray Stevens Released AWESOME Song To EXPOSE Voter Fraud – It BLOWS UP The Internet!!!


Ray Stevens is a very funny person and awesome musician. He decided to say the words of wisdom trough his song. Stevens is always critical and ruthless when it comes to politics.

He is involved in this election madness because he is sick and tired of the mainstream media and its beloved liberals. They are always full of accusations and insults, they burn, they punish, they even kill if necessary. They are worse than the communist in Russia 100 years ago. Who made them- we all know- the same people that sponsor and fund these liberals.

Their funny accusations about vote fraud were pity. This topic is used by Rat Stevens to make the wonderful song Grandpa Voted Democrat. Watch the video below:

Liberal idiots were unable to accept the fact that they lost in blue states they barale never lost before. But, the history is changing. We saw the menace in Barack Obama, we sow how cruel you are Hilary! We need patriots to lead us, not Illuminati servants! God bless America!