RECON Marine Who Hunted Down Al-Qaeda REVEALS What MOAB Really Did To ISIS, and It’s HUGE!!!!


The liberal media does not want Trump to succeed. Even when it comes to war they are against Trump. Which is sad.

While the media did report on the stunning success of the MOAB, they did not delve into the real reason we dropped it.

But the IRJ went out and talked to some American soldiers not members of the media elite and what they discovered is worth noting.

They spoke to Sergeant Rudy Reyes, a RECON Marine who served multiple tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Reyes said:

“First, you have to think about the tactical victory of using the MOAB. It’s an airburst with a concussive force so it rocks and shakes the ground like an earthquake. So it destroys the tactical ability for ISIS or Al-Qaeda to use tunnels.

If they have munitions and any kind of logistics, all of that is inoperable. But aside from all that, the psychological victory is probably even more profound.”

He brought up the tribal culture in Afghanistan and discussed how the MOAB won a “psychological victory,”

“This is a tribal culture, a culture that is still in their skewed sense so attached to God. Imagine a God-like power dropping over their heads and wrecking their fighting force.

Completely destroying their ability to wage war. And to know that without impunity, we can continue to drop more. Again, this a culture where very few can read and write. And this is almost a God-like power. I’m sure it shakes them to the very core.”

He said of how it will decimate ISIS recruiting efforts,

“They recruit these young men who have been steeped in Muslim fundamentalism, the young men are generally more literate, and they’re savvy with technology.

But when they see this God-like destruction posted all over the mainstream media brought down upon them from the United States, it does not embolden them, it kills their will to fight.

For these cave complexes and these very remote areas, I think the MOAB is the perfect solution. Drop more of these MOABs, and crush ISIS.”

Correct. Finally, we are taking the fight to ISIS.

H/T WNPJournal