RED ALERT! LOOK Which Country Kim Jong Un Will Attack First – THIS IS NOT GOOD

SPECIAL REPORT: According to many sources, it is confirmed that high-security measures are already enforced in this state after Kim Jong-Un decided to continue his ‘madness’. You already guessed- USA will be the first country hit by a possible N. Korean attack and the first target could be HAWAII. Various reports came up today as the state of Hawaii did something UNEXPECTED:

North Korea fuels the fire, and major countries in the world are doing their final preparations to prevent any attack by Kim Jong-un. The North Korean dictator is doing his best to shock the world and even tried to pull out another missile attack.

World news is filled with details about Kim Jong-un’s sixth nuclear attack. The tension is on the rise, and that made world leaders work on a protection plan.

Now Hawaii lawmakers reopened their emergency plans to prevent any potential attack. These plans were revisited in the 1980s, and Hawaii is now getting ready to turn them on again. The Hawaii House Public Safety Committee made an official request for their defense agency to open every shelter from the Cold War and provide enough medical items, food, and water for each of them.

“They haven’t been updated since 1985. I was 11 years old when they were last updated. Many of the buildings that are on the fallout shelter list don’t exist anymore,” explained Rep. Matt LoPresti, a Democrat positioned as vice-chair of the House Public Safety Committee.

Kim Jong-un’s Sunday missile launched in honor of his grandfather’s birthday exploded moments after being launched, but that was enough for top leaders to be concerned over the possibility that the North Korean dictator may attack them at any moment. It’s no longer a secret that Jong-un is trying to build a missile that would reach to Japan and the US. That is terrible on so many levels.

Satellite images show that Jong-un is ready to conduct his sixth nuclear test, and experts agree that the dictator may be able to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles or nuclear warheads in many countries, including Hawaii.

Dean Cheng, a senior researcher at the Asian Studies Center at the conservative Heritage Foundation, says that Jong-un can “send” his missiles to Hawaii or Alaska, adding that the islands are more attractive due to the 11 military bases, including Pearl Harbor. Cheng noted that due to the imprecise system, Jong-un’s missiles can end up in downtown Honolulu or Oahu.

H/T American Politicus

This is a really good decision by the Hawaiian authorities. Kim Jong Un is an unstable person, a real lunatic who is worshiped like God from other lunatics, completely isolated from the rest of the world. These people are dangerous and we have to be prepared for the worst.