Rep. King Breaks Donw On House Floor Saying Something About Obama He Wont Forget


King crushed them all. What he just said in the debate of the Judiciary Committee will leave you breathless. FINALLY, someone who wants to show the ‘dirty laundry’ of the powerful US officials running the three branches of the US government for so long and, of course, to even MENTION the evil snake, George Soros. Carefully read the report below and watch the video:

According to the Office of GOP Rep. Steve King, Congressman Steve King released the following video and statements made during the Judiciary Committee debate. Watch the epic video below.

During his statement on July 27th, King then revealed that the State Department is under Obama gave millions to George Soros organizations.

This money was even used to translate Saul Alinksky’s “Rules for Radicals” into Macedonian in order to influence the Macedonian elections. 

Rep. Steve King: “I just came back not that long ago from the Balkans, where I sat in a place like Macedonia and there I learned that the United States government borrowing money from China and Saudi Arabia had handed over at least $5 million in contracts transferred through U.S. Aid ID into George Soros organizations that were used to manipulate elections in the Balkans, and that’s just particularly Macedonia – not including the neighboring countries that are there. And some of that money was used to translate Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ into Macedonian to distribute the book and the ‘Rules for Radicals’ and actions of radicals were manifested in the election efforts in that part of the world.”

H/T LibertyWritersNews

Come on liberals, everybody knows what happened in Macedonia. It’s getting old… Only uninformed and ignorant people turn a blind eye on this. Macedonian government was overthrown by George Soros because this country blocked the main road for Muslim immigrants and blocked the immigration.

At the moment we have US soldiers in this country because they are our close allies, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan. Soros and Obama are ruining the excellent relations between our two countries. They did the same with Israel!

And not only in these countries (which are also close allies), but everywhere, George Soros and Obama spread globalism using YOUR MONEY.

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