Rep. Louie Gohmert Can’t Take It Anymore – Calls Out George Soros For Doing Something TERRIBLE To Trump’s SCOTUS Pick


George Soros seems to be the highest rank officer of the global elitists, sworn to spread and accomplish the liberal goals and ideals. The name ,, George Soros” is connected with too many activities in the past few years, especially before and after the presidential election.

George Soros was the ,,main suspect” behind the violent riots in the past month. The billionaire paid millions of dollars in missions with final goal- sabotage of the White House and Donald Trump. Look what we have in the post below- another truth revealed for Soros:

In an interview with Breitbart Rep. Louie Gohmert revealed that Trump choosing Neil Gorsuch as SCOTUS is an example of “exactly why I got behind Trump”. He went on to talk about the propaganda that Liberals are now pushing against Louie Gohmert and how this Fake News propaganda is funded by liberal billionaire George Soros.

“Last night, I came by the Supreme Court about 9:15, and they already had a massive demonstration out there, signs; they were ready to go. They had their magic markers. They were ready to put whoever’s name had been cited by Trump as being terrible,” said Gohmert.

“You know, Have Poster Board, Will Travel. There they were. They were ready to condemn anybody, no matter who had been picked. If Trump had named the most left-wing person in the country, they were out there ready to condemn,” said Gohmert.

“This is fake news. This is people who are just out there to create the appearance of obstruction. You know, Patrick Poole, remember back in one of the demonstrations on the Mall, caught one of the guys: ‘Hey, how much are you getting paid?’ He said, ‘$15 an hour. I thought everybody was getting that.’ They’re getting paid. The Soros money gets spread around,” explained Gohmert.

“And actually, unfortunately, sometimes it’s our own government money that’s funding some of the obstructionism. But we have got to see this country through this and get Gorsuch confirmed so that this country will go on and still have a chance to survive, with our freedom intact,” said Gohmert. Do you think he’s right? For the full interview click here.

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This guy, Soros, is a master manipulator with terrifying agenda. Look how does he use his minions to cause massive damage all around the USA. Intellectual destruction of highest rank. Disrespect to the country and the nation. Did you know the fact that Soros is a wanted man in Russia? Oh, yes. Maybe we should do that too!