REPORT: Major Resignation At Fox News – LOOK WHO HAS JUST BEEN ‘KICKED’

Sean Hannity was right! The liberal elites stand behind the destruction of what we once knew as FOX News. Fox News is slowly turning into mainstream media channels as the global elites, Murdoch brothers decided to fire EVERYONE important in the station. Shocking news surfaced today- read more below:

Fox News co-President Bill Shine has resigned. From Mediaite: New York Magazine reporter Gabriel Sherman has announced on Twitter that sources told him that Fox News co-president Bill Shine is no longer part of the network: Shine’s reported leave comes shortly after the network observed a major shakeup after their cable news giant, Bill O’Reilly, was let go last month. Shine has reportedly been facing increased pressure within the network recently, and news articles have also noted that media magnate Rupert Murdoch and his sons were thinking about having a woman take the lead on the media agency.

Murdoch had taken Shine and Jack Abernethy out for lunch just last week, which may have looked like a show of support at the time. Last week, after Sherman reported on Shine being privately concerned about his future, Sean Hannity sent out a series of tweets expressing concern and saying #IStandWithShine. One of those tweets said this:


H/T Red State Watcher

Disgusting! This is how the things work in our country. It’s miserable. I hope that Sean Hannity and the others conservatives in FOX News will find a way out of the liberal misery. They have to protect their dignity, because of us, their fans and followers know how hard their battle is. It is a battle to keep America as it is!