REPORT: What Pentagon Just Did, Has NEVER Been Seen Before – Trump Will DEFINITELY Love This

Donald Trump is the new hero of America! The evil mouths who spent a year in cursing the name of the man who is going to change the history. Our President is pretty serious when it comes to our security and our economy. That is why he dedicates his mandate from the very beginning in finding creative solutions that are going to improve the people’s position. Pentagon cooperates with the President and boom! – a new awesome deal by Donald Trump.

In the post below read more about the new awesome ,,bargain” for F-35 fighters that is going to save 728$ million- taxpayer’s money.

Citing the involvement of President Donald Trump, Lockheed Martin announced Friday the new batch of F-35 fighters ordered by the government will be supplied at the lowest price in the history of the program.

The deal Lockheed and the Defense Department agreed upon brought the price per jet to below $95 million for the first time, compared to $102 million in the previous batch, a savings of $728 million for the entire order.


Lockheed Martin said in a statement that “President Trump’s personal involvement in the F-35 program accelerated the negotiations and sharpened our focus on driving down the price.”

The savings announced by Lockheed exceeds what Trump said only days ago would be saved in the newest round of F-35 purchases.

“We cut approximately $600 million off the F-35 fighter, and that only amounts to 90 planes out of close to 3,000 planes,” Trump said on Monday.

There were great delays, about seven years of delays, tremendous cost overruns,” Trump said. “We’ve ended all of that and we’ve got that program really, really now in good shape, so I’m very proud of that.”

That was a far cry from Trump’s angry December tweet about the program.


“The agreement represents $728 million in savings and a nearly 8 percent reduction in price over our last contract for the air vehicle delivered by Lockheed Martin and our industry partners,” Lockheed Martin said in a statement. “This is a good deal for the American taxpayer, our country, our company and our suppliers.”

Lt. Gen. Chris Bogdan, F-35 program executive officer, also described the deal as fair “for the taxpayers, the U.S. government, allies, and industry.”

“(W)e are substantially bringing the cost of each aircraft down, and at the same time the F-35 program will continue to add thousands of additional jobs to the U.S. economy as we increase production year over year,” said Jeff Babione, Lockheed Martin F-35 vice president and general manager, in a statement.

The deal does not mean the end of Lockheed’s work to limit costs, said one analyst.

“I’d say it’s pretty aggressive price reductions,” said Morningstar analyst Chris Higgins. “The key is Lockheed needs to reduce the costs at a faster rate than they are cutting the price.”

“They were expecting margin expansion on it,” said Higgins. “This could potentially put that in jeopardy.”

H/T Western Journalism

That is right. Trump promised to ,,bring back” the country in the hands of the American people. The voters voted for those reforms and Trump is implementing the promised. He is not a career politician, but a wise and trustworthy leader who wants to secure a better future for our country.