REPORT: Senate Just Gave Obama VERY BAD NEWS – It’s HAPPENING!


Obama is having the worst week in his entire life, believe me! The ex-President is totally exposed- or at least we hope. The shocking scandals disappointed the entire nation. Obama is connected with many possible court cases.  The Senate is after him too!

Now, the Senate also goes after him- this is HUGE :

During Barack Hussein Obama’s sham of a presidency, he worked to get as many Americans as possible on welfare so that they would depend on him and therefore vote liberal. On Tuesday, however, Obama’s legacy took a massive hit when the Senate destroyed one of his legislations that limited drug testing for individuals seeking unemployment benefits.

Western Journalism reported that the Senate passed a new legislation that used the Congressional Review Act’s powers to undo the regulation approved last summer, and it passed along party lines 51-48. President Donald Trump is expected to sign the legislation into law imminently.

A law passed in 2012 said states could only give individuals drug tests when they sought unemployment benefits if they were previously fired for drug use or worked in jobs where drug testing was common. Obama’s 2016 legislation listed specific jobs covered by the law, but Republicans said this was an example of federal overreach.

“As we saw too often, the Obama administration went beyond its legal authority in creating legislation that limits the role of state governments,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.“

The final regulation defined the role of an occupation so narrowly that it basically makes it impossible for states to implement any meaningful drug-testing policy,” said Senate Finance Chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, adding that he is now able to write a regulation that better captures the intent of Congress.

“Congress specifically intended to provide states the ability to determine” whom to drug test, said Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. “The Obama Department of Labor substantially narrowed the law to circumstances where testing is legally required, not merely allowed.”

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker released a statement praising the measure.

“Here in Wisconsin, we want everyone who wants a job to find a job. We frequently hear from employers that they have available jobs but need their workers to be drug-free. That’s why we want to expand drug testing for those seeking public assistance,” Walker said in a statement. “This is not an effort to prevent people from finding work. In fact, it works to remove barriers to employment. If someone fails a drug test, we will provide treatment to get them healthy and back into the workforce.”

“We believe public assistance should be a trampoline, not a hammock, and (the legislation) will empower the people of our state to move from government dependence to true independence by helping them obtain and thrive in a family-supporting career,” Walker added.

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I am glad to see this. After everything he did, someone has to show him that he is not above the law. Bring the power back to the people, Trump! That’s how we are going to make America great again, Mr. President!