REPORT: Trump Just Launched Another Successful Airstrike – ISIS ARE DOOMED!


GOOD NEWS! Finally, our President launched his second HUGE airstrike against the imminent evil of the 21th century- ISIS. The Islamists are finally dealing with REAL FORCE after Trump promised to wipe them off from the face of Earth. Another successful airstrike in Afghanistan- read more below!

Muslim terrorists around the globe are finding dealing with a Trump presidency increasingly difficult to handle. After pretty much getting away with whatever the hell they wanted under the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, these inbred morons are learning lately that there’s a new sheriff in town who won’t hesitate to send them straight home to Allah where they belong. Shortly after bombing the absolute %^& out of ISIS several weeks ago, Trump is at it again. But this time, he’s taken out someone extremely important to the Taliban, and their entire force is in mourning as news hit over the weekend.

A Taliban “shadow governor” by the name of Quari Tayib had been making quite a lot of trouble in the Kunduz Province of Afghanistan in recent years, forcing locals there to live underneath his iron fist. The Taliban’s top official was responsible for the deaths of many Americans since 2011, where he used his compound to conduct terrorism operations through the large group of insurgents that he commanded. But despite being the mac daddy jihadist in the area, his power would still not be able to save his life when badass American troops came calling.

In a report just released, the Pentagon confirms that President Trump’s latest airstrike devastated Taliban forces, taking out their commander Quari Tayib in the process.

“The strike was part of ongoing efforts to deny Taliban freedom of movement in the area,” the release added. The strike reportedly “targeted a compound Tayib owned and used for insurgents in the area. Eight additional Taliban fighters were killed in the strike.”

Quari Tayib had been on our military’s target for quite some time, but under Obama, Tayib’s death never came. The U.K. Guardian reveals how these shadow governors act behind the scenes directing activities of Taliban insurgents in each providence, where their power in southern Afghanistan is getting out of control.

Thanks to Obama and his treasonous antics of empowering our enemies while doing little to stop the advancement of ISIS and the Taliban, now President Trump is having to clean up this horrendous mess. Thank goodness that we finally have a president who is on America’s side however, and will not stop until these vermin are eradicated off the face of the planet. The U.K. Guradian has more details on the air strike:

The Pentagon said on Saturday Quari Tayib, a Taliban “shadow governor” in Afghanistan who evaded coalition forces for six years, has been killed.

In a statement, US forces in Afghanistan said Tayib was killed in a 17 April air strike in the Archi district of Kunduz province.

“The strike was part of ongoing efforts to deny Taliban freedom of movement in the area,” the forces said, adding that the attack “targeted a compound Tayib owned and used for insurgents in the area”.

Tayib, the military said, “had been a target of interest since 2011 and was directly responsible for deaths of US service members in Afghanistan”.

So-called shadow governors direct Taliban insurgents throughout Afghanistan’s 34 provinces. They rule more directly in regions where Kabul lacks control, for instance in southern areas where the Taliban harvests and sells opium. The Taliban announced the deaths of two other shadow governors earlier this year, killed in separate strikes.

Eight “additional Taliban fighters” were killed in the 17 April strike, the Pentagon said, and “no other casualties or damage were associated with this strike”.

On Friday, more than 100 Afghan soldiers were killed by about 10 Taliban militants who disguised themselves as army personnel and infiltrated a base in a northern province. Suicide attackers had hidden bombs in fake casts and medical equipment, according to one official. Others were armed with automatic rifles.

H/T Freedom Daily

This is just the beginning, trust me. Those ugly rats will face their destiny soon. Rapists, executioners, cold-blooded killers that want the entire Earth bowed under Islam. That’s not ‘freedom fighters’, people- and I feel no compassion for those demons. NOT AT ALL! Good job Mr. President!