REPORT: U.S. Federal Court Just Made Ruling On Trump Travel Ban – THE VERDICT IS IN…

Kellyanne Conway had an awesome interview on Fox News in which she explained the details around the new segments of the muslim ban and its implementation. The US Federal Court will most certainly support Trump this time. The President made an awesome program in which every side will be satisfied and the country will remain protected from the Islamic terrorists. Read more below:

Donald Trump got some very good news on Friday when a U.S. federal court refused to apply the temporary restraining order that halted his immigration order to his new temporary travel ban.

Bizpac Review reported that Seattle U.S. District Court Judge James Robart, the same judge that issued the temporary restraining order last month, refused a request to apply this to the new policy. In his ruling, he said lawyers from the state that opposed the order need to file more extensive papers in court.

The modified travel ban, which will go into effect on March 16, removed Iraq from the list of countries and no longer bans Syrian refugees indefinitely. Though both Hawaii and Washington states filed lawsuits to block the new order, top Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway said the president knew that was coming.

“We anticipated several states will challenge it legally,” Conway said on Friday, adding that she’s confident the new order would  “pass legal muster.” She pointed to what happened with Iraq’s removal as a  “great signal” as to how other nations, which are known to “harbor, train or export terrorists,” can be removed from the ban.

She explained that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly worked with Iraq over the last few weeks to get better policies and vetting in place and get it removed from the list.

“We’ve made significant changes and we know it will pass legal muster,” Conway said.

H/T Truth Monitor

Now this is a good chance of improvement of the program that was supposed to stop the islamic terrorist and illegal immigrants ( fake “refugees” ) who would like to enter the country. This is a good chance for the visa holders, also, to gain their rights of passage.