Reporter Asks Sarah Sanders to Name 1 ‘Factually Incorrect’ Thing in Hillary’s Book, She Gives Him Perfect Reply


SHE’S ON FIRE! After a reporter asked her to name one factually incorrect thing in Hillary’s newly published book ‘What Happened’ she blasted the whole White House Press Room with the perfect answer. We said so many times and we will say this again, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the RISING STAR of the White House administration. SHE IS NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT and she is always ‘sharpening her claws’ before she starts ‘hunting’ the liberal snowflakes in front of her who think they can put her in their trap with stupid questions. She guards our President’s back perfectly.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders declared that Hillary Clinton’s new memoir, What Happened, contained a number of false attacks. On Wednesday she was pressed on the statement by a reporter and her response did not disappoint.

The reporter asked, “Could you point us to a couple specific accusations in the book that you believe are factually incorrect?”

“I think probably the biggest one is any place within in the book where she lays blame for the loss on anyone but herself,” Sanders said.

Over the past week, Clinton has been on a whirlwind book-signing, interview-giving, Trump bashing book tour to promote the new tome.

Clinton has gained a poor reputation since the shocking loss by constantly issuing statements which blame others, and not herself, for the loss. Even several Democrats like Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama made her excuse list.

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders is simply amazing. Let’s show admiration for her good work by sharing this. We need more people like her in our administration. Decent and honest people who are not afraid to do anything right even if that’s against the globalists’ ‘matrix’ values.