Rick Perry Just Crushed Corrupt FBI Director James Comey With Some Very Bad News, Will He Resign?


Do you think FBI Director James Comey was right in dismissing charges that Hillary Clinton illegally used a personal email server to cover her crimes and double-dealings while serving as Secretary of State for Obama? We don’t. He scolded her by saying her handling of classified information through her email was “extremely careless,” but he let her off, scot-free. That was it. It’s insane.

Well, former Governor of Texas Rick Perry isn’t going to let this Clinton enabler get away with what is essentially being an accomplice to murder. If Comey let Hillary get away with letting Americans die in Benghazi, then there’s blood on his hands, too. Rick Perry is calling on Comey to resign. Said Perry of the corrupt FBI head, “I think [Comey] has some skin in the game somewhere to protect the Clintons at this particular juncture. It’s an extraordinary failure on his part.”

Added Perry: “The Clintons were clearly trying to hide this server. They did not want that information in. And for Comey to stand up and make excuses for Hillary Clinton is absolutely and totally unacceptable. For a man who prided himself of being the top law official in this country, I would suggest the man ought to resign.” What do you think? Will James Comey resign?