Rick Perry Just Issued This BRUTAL Demand Against Comey, You’ll Cheer


Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry held nothing back in his attack on Comey. James Comey failed everyone when he said that no judge would convict Hillary. He even admitted that Hillary lied about several things. Perry wasn’t about to let this slip.

“For a man who prided himself on being a top law official in this country, I would suggest the man ought to resign. Comey has a lot of explaining to do, because those of us who understand what was going on here — the Clintons were clearly trying to hide this server. They did not want that information in, and for Comey to stand up and make excuses for Hillary is absolutely and totally unacceptable,” said Perry.

“I think [Comey] has some skin in the game here somewhere. To protect the Clintons at this particular juncture is an extraordinary failure on his part,” Perry continued. Do you think Comey should resign?