Right After FBI Email Dump, Hillary Says 10 Words That Instantly Backfire On Her


According to the news that FBI released on Friday, the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had no idea if the information she read on her private email account was classified or not.

Clinton post a tweet and tell the Americans what they need in their president.

“America needs leadership in the White House, not a liability,” she tweeted.


That message came out as the FBI revealed that Clinton:

  • Did not know when documents she read were marked with a “C” that meant they were classified.
  • Considered that emails with classified material about planned drone strikes were “routine.”
  • Told the FBI 36 timesin three hours she could not remember briefings about classified information.
  • Used 18 devices for her emails, most of which have never been recovered and were not destroyed.
  • Sent memos to staffers about not using private devices due to security risks even though she continued to do so.

John S. Roberts on Young Conservatives wrote: “Talk about irony.”

“The woman has proven herself a national security risk who isn’t mentally or physically able to perform the duties required of a Head of State,” he added.

The comments also struck on Twitter…

CNN’s Jeffery Tobin, thinks that the new revelations may not prove that Hillary acted illegally, but anyway her reputation is really low.

Tobin said: “Hillary Clinton seems like a clueless baby boomer who is at sea with technology and was very careless… about how she handled classified information. This was a botch from day one”

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