Right After Ivanka Left The White House, Everyone Noticed 1 AMAZING Detail – Watch Carefully


Now we have seen enough of First Daughter Ivanka Trump to know that she is a combination of natural beauty, elegance and style. But this Thursday, Ivanka did something she had never done before – she raised the standards for elegance and beauty.

On Thursday, Ivanka Trump stunned the world in a gingham dress and nude stilettos as she carried her one-year-old son Theodore to Marine One after she as well as the rest of her family arrived in New York City on Air Force One.

Ivanka was photographed holding her one-year-old baby on the tarmac at JFK International Airport, while her husband Jared walked ahead with their daughter Arabella and their son Joseph.

The iconic family flew from Washington, D.C. to New York along with President Donald Trump.

What blew most of us away is how Ivanka manages to look so elegant, strong, and inspirational all while taking being on the constant run and always looking for new opportunities and new projects to work on. Even while she was holding her baby, fulfilling her responsibilities as a mother, you can still see by her work that she gives all of her attention to two things: her family, and work.

The couple stayed to listen President Trump speaks in the Rose Garden following the House of Representatives vote on his health care bill, and it seemed to be an overall great day for Ivanka as well as the rest of the Trump family.

Let’s show our support to this amazing woman and thank her for being everything, a mother, a leader, and an example!


H/T usanewsflash