Right After Resigning, Trump Gives Sheriff Clarke The BEST Job Of His Life and Millions Are Cheering


Earlier this Thursday, an announcement was made revealing that the outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump, Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke, known for his tough stance on crime, has resigned from his position as Sheriff.

He released a statement in which he explained how he will be pursuing other opportunities after years of serving law enforcement, but didn’t quite reveal any details what he has in mind of doing, up until now. Reports reveal that the Clarke will be joining the Trump administration.

The Milwaukee Sheriff has made quite the name for himself in conservative circles, having supported Trump since the early days, and building a strong bond with him over the course of the past few months. As of right now, it is unclear what position Clarke will take up in the administration, but it isn’t likely that he will be offered a Senate-confirmed role as his nomination has a high chance of facing opposition from lawmakers on both sides.

Clarke also announced previously that he would be joining the administration in the Department of Homeland Security, taking the position of an assistant secretary in the DOH, however, reports from mid-June by his adviser confirmed that he will be withdrawing his name for consideration for a position.

All in all, it is up to us to wish the former Sheriff a good start at his new position and show him our support for serving our nation for years.