Riots About to Come to Screeching Halt After What President Trump Gave Police Permission to Do


As revealed an executive order will be signed by President Trump, first thing Monday morning, and it will allow complete reinstatement of a Defence Department program which happens to transfer military equipment to the police.

And so as stated by a Justice department document, this program was started in the 90s  and since then more than 5.4 billion in equipment excess was given to state and local law enforcement agencies.

His decision is forced after the horrible riots in Charlottesville and Berkeley. Yesterday, the Berkeley Police were given a STAND DOWN order. We need strong and powerful RIOT SQUATS and better protection and equipment for our officers to survive these hard times.

Following public outcry over militarized riot police in the 2015 Ferguson riots, President Barack Obama significantly limited the types of equipment available through the program. Attorney General Jeff Sessions will announce at a speech Monday at the Fraternal Order of Police convention that Trump will fully restore the program.

“The President’s Executive Order restores the full scope of a longstanding program for recycling surplus, lifesaving gear from the Department of Defense, along with restoring the full scope of grants used to purchase this type of equipment from other sources,” a DOJ document obtained by TheDC states.

“This type of equipment has been used in high-profile police operations such as San Bernardino, where armored vehicles and other military gear were used to protect the lives of the officers who pursued and ultimately killed the terrorists,” the DOJ stated in a document. “A military-style helmet also stopped a bullet and saved the life of an officer responding to the Orlando nightclub shooting.”

A recent study touted by the DOJ also found that “for every $5,800 in military aid given to law enforcement agencies through this program, society saves roughly $112,000 in costs due to prevented crime.”

H/T DailyCaller

This is a great decision, smart and effective solution. This equipment includes rifles, ammunition, armored vehicles, helmets, weapons, personal equipment etc. This will save millions of dollars.

Obama, for instance, in 2015 disabled the DOD transfers of .50 caliber firearms and ammunition, uniforms etc. This was a heavy loss for the police.
Of course, communist and anarchist Obama never liked the US Police. However, we have a real patriot to lead this country now, and he made the right decision to fix Obama’s mistakes.

This will also teach the leftists a good lesson. They will stop doing what they do now. We need armed riot police and that’s a fact. We can’t let vandals and anarchists savage on the streets of our cities.

Do you support this decision?