Rosie O’Donnell Gets TERRIBLE News After Trashing Donald Trump – She Can’t Escape From THIS

Judge Jeannine Pirro decided to settle the dispute with the worst of them all liberal celebrities- Rosie O’Donnell. This arrogant woman did everything in her power to compromise our president elect. She was running a campaign against him and she used every opportunity to launch attack against Trump before and after the election. She also called for a ,,rebellion” against the new president and also disrespects the American nation. O’Donnell is a bad role model for our children and real pain in the ,,ear” for everybody that understands a thing or two in politics.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro unloaded on Rosie during her show this week, calling her a “communist.”

“And as for those Hollywood leftists in need of a lobotomy, like Rosie O’Donnell,” Pirro said. “They are straight up Communists. Rosie supports imposing Martial Law, delaying the Inauguration until Trump is “cleared of all charges.” Rosie, I know you. I don’t have a problem with you. But, martial law? Are you nuts? Do you even know what martial law is? It’s when the military takes over when we are taken over when we are invaded and are at war. And by the way Trump isn’t charged with anything.”This came days after Rosie said Trump should be arrested so that he can’t be inaugurated on January 20.

Rosie appears to have been talking about claims that Trump only won because Russia supposedly hacked the election in his favor. However, Rosie’s efforts to take Trump down backfired after Twitter users turned on her instead of the president-elect:

Oh, yes, it seems that these people are completely right about Rosie. She is loosing her mind, maybe she has to visit a shrink. She acts like some kind of hippie or human rights activist, but she is nothing but a FASCIST and violent liberal dummy. SHE IS THE ONE THAT NEEDS TO BE ARRESTED!