Rudy Giuliani Just Crushed Lester Holt With 8 Vicious Words For Rigging The Debate For Hillary


Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was livid about how Lester Holt moderated the Presidential Debate. It was clear that Holt, who is a liberal, rigged the whole think in Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s favor. The entire night, for example, he allowed Hillary’s fans in the audience to cheer, while abruptly cutting Trump’s supporters off when they did the same thing. But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Rudy said Holt acted “extremely unfairly,” explaining, “Particular in his interference with regard to the unconstitutionality of a case called Terry v. Ohio. I forgive Hillary Clinton for not understanding that stop-and-frisk was not held unconstitutional — only unconstitutional as applied by Michael Bloomberg and Ray Kelly.”

Continued Rudy, “I happen to disagree with that. I was out of office 12 years when it was held unconstitutional. It was never held unconstitutional when I was mayor. Stop-and-frisk is being done tonight all over America. It is perfectly constitutional. It is still good law. It is still constitutional law. And Lester Holt should be ashamed of himself for interfering. He doesn’t know the law. I know she [Clinton] doesn’t know the law because she failed the bar exam, but he should stop pretending he’s a lawyer.” Zing! How do you like how Rudy stuck it to biased Lester?