HE’S A HERO: Rush Limbaugh Just Protected Trump From Impeachment With 1 Sentence That Tells Everything

President Donald Trump is being attacked from every side possible, and these days are the worst in his presidency. It seems like many people have gathered in an effort to get him impeached. The “I” word shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence with President Trump, but you see, some people live for the moment to see the President out of the White House.

We thought that Democrats were the only people who despise President Trump, but it seems like even members of his team are working behind his back. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and his Deputy Security adviser Dina Powell actually released the negative material about President Trump and the alleged friendship with Russia. This is definitely bad, and hopefully, President Trump will find the best solution for his problem.

The conservative talker Rush Limbaugh is one of the very few people who understand the difficulties President Trump goes through in this period. He came with a shocking statement, and we bet that liberals will hate it.

Limbaugh said that former president Barack Obama actually did what New York Times story accuses President Trump of doing in reference to the FBI investigation into Flynn’s case.

This statement will sure cause a chaos, but we need to see things clearly. President Trump needs our support. Limbaugh reminded everyone that it was Obama who told the FBI to shut down the investigation into Hillary’s case. He has every right to say this, because liberals forgot everything Obama did or they just seem to be ignoring his mistakes.

Luckily, the whole thing will be brought to an end, and President Trump will keep up with the good job.

What do you think about the comments Rush Limbaugh made? Do you agree with him? Will liberals keep trying to get President Trump impeached?