Ruth Bader In BIG TROUBLE After What She Was Caught Doing Yesterday!

SHOCKING NEWS! Ruth Bader Ginsburg shows before the eyes of the nation what our Supreme Court turned into. This liberal Judge did something shameful and really unexpected form someone on such important position. The hatred and despair are great- the liberals are drowning and embarrass themselves everywhere they go. Read more below:

Of all the Justices on the Supreme Court that Donald Trump would LOVE to replace, none are more fit to be ousted than Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She has proved time and again that she is a politically biased heavy drinker who is more interested in pushing her own agenda than protecting the Constitution.


You see, despite their political differences, all the Supreme Court Justices showed up to see Trump speak to the United States Congress last night except Mrs. Ginsburg, who apparently thinks she is too good to listen to a Republican President speak.

See? No Ruth Bader Ginsburg to be seen.

Of course, maybe it is for the best. After all, here is the “honorable” Justice of the Supreme Court during Obama’s 2015 State of the Union address where she was so drunk she passed out in the middle of it!

So embarrassing, not just for her, but for the entire United States of America.

Look, I know the Supreme Court is a life-long appointment. Also, I have no problem with Democrats having justices on it. It’s their right to do so. But this woman is CLEARLY no longer fit to serve ANYTHING!

Let’s share this baby out all over America and the country and force her to finally step down so we can put a REAL Supreme Court justice in her place. America deserves a functioning Justice department, not a sorority house!

H/T Liberty Writers News

Judge Ruth Bader Insburg should  really rethink her actions. She is part of the highest and most respected law institution in our country. It seems that the liberals really rotted our country and we need repair. We need quick repair in every institution, in every segment of our society because this kind of things are going to happen all the time. SHARE THIS POST IF YOU THINK RUTH B. INSBURG SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF WHAT SHE’D DONE!