Sadie Robertson Risks Her Entire Career To Publicly Defy Hillary Clinton… She Needs Your Support


Recently, young role model Sadie Robertson claimed that her father, Willie Robertson, has “been on the Trump train since day one.” Still, she claims that she wasn’t sure who she was going to support in her first election until she had the chance to look into it for herself.

After some research of the two nominees, the decision was clear.

“I guess I’m on the Trump train too now,” the 19-year-old former Dancing With the Stars competitor told reporters. “I just feel like I align most with his beliefs and views and I trust him.”

“We’re down to the town,” Robertson continued, referring to Trump and Clinton. “So it’s kind of time to make a stance.”

Robertson is not yet sure if she’ll be joining her dad, who spoke at the Republican National Convention last month, on the campaign trail as he supports the 70-year-old business legend.

“People get really into politics, which you should. You should look into it, you should care about it, but…it’s a just kind of touchy subject,” she concluded. “So haters, be nice! [I’m on a] ‘no hater’ diet right here.”

What do you think of Sadie’s position? Do you applaud her for taking an educated stand?