Sarah Palin Came Out Of The Blue And DESTROYED Obama For Good – BARACK YOU ARE FIRED

Sarah Palin wanted to share her joy with the nation knowing that Barack Obama is leaving the white house very,very soon. She was completely under the pressure of the liberal progressive left-wing activist and the democratic party members too. Now, her time is yet to come and she has wonderful message for Obama:

Sarah Palin wrote about the final days of Barack Obama’s presidency, calling them the “end of an error.”

“Like everyone’s saying, it’s the end of an error,” Palin wrote on Facebook. “Obama is gone. Time to undo what the Community Organizer organized for America: astronomically increased debt, a disrespected law enforcement and military community, numerous ticked off allies, newly empowered enemies, erasure of borders, and demographic divisions aplenty.”

“Obama is free now to stammer on about fulfilling his promises, like he’ll ‘negotiate healthcare reform in public sessions, televised on C-SPAN… Everyone gets a seat at the table,’” she added. “There’s a new sheriff in town. Here’s hoping he’s got a posse of deputies who understand why we elected Donald J. Trump and won’t undermine our movement.”


“The mandate: drain the swamp– those hell-bent on obstruction included,” she continued. “It’s RINO season. We will recover from Obama. The question is, how soon can we recover from the people who voted for him. Twice.”

H/T Daily Caller