Sasha’s Sexual Secret Is Out – Got Caught Doing NASTY Thing With Stranger In Public [Photos]


It’s happening- Barack Obama should work a little bit more on his parenting because his “saint” daughters as he described them are not so innocent after all. In the report below you have spicy details from Sasha Obama’s sexual relations with a certain man.

Former president Barack Obama will have to do some parenting after his daughter Sasha was caught doing “that thing” at Lollapalooza this weekend. Well, it wasn’t really like she was caught doing it. She did it in front of everybody! We can only wait to see how will her father react to this.

Malia and Sasha seem to give Obama a terrible headache once in a while. That’s why Obama has to spend more time with his daughters instead of having fun with his friends. We’ve all seen Obama partying on those luxury yachts.

Remember how Obama was worried about Malia’s safety? This happened after citizens learned about her net worth. Some even said that Malia is the highest-paid heir. Obama seemed to be irritated, because he thought that people would only approach his daughter for her money. Malia went to nice schools and lives a fancy life, making it easy for “bad people” to get close to her.

But, Malia’s net worth is nothing in comparison to what Sasha did over the weekend.

Obama celebrated his 56th birthday with his friends and family. Malia and Sasha were there, too. We all saw photos of their outfits, dance style, and behavior.

Something else caught everyone’s attention. Sasha Obama made out with someone, and sources close to the event say that he just met the guy. It was all caught on camera, and Obama is probably furious at the moment.

Social networks were flooded with photos of the “scene.” It went viral, and everyone was talking about Sasha and her new boyfriend. But why liberal news outlets didn’t broadcast anything about it? They’re all working for Obama, and nobody would like to found themselves in hot water.

But, we all remember the Bush Twins and the treatment they received for drinking at the age of 19. That was quite a scandal, and today nobody said anything about Sasha. Is this fair? Absolutely not.

H/T WorldPoliticus

This is very interesting. What do you think, how is Barack Obama going to react after watching this pictures? Is he going to remain the same old all lit up and stoned liberal, or he’s going to ground her?