MIRACLE! The Saudi King Just Gave SPECIAL Gift To President Trump – You can never imagine what


Do you still think the Muslim world hates President Trump? After reading this report you will have no doubt. Actually, the Muslim people in the Middle East see a leader that is going to stop the war, destroy ISIS and bring peace. They most certainly knew how to award President Trump for his efforts:

President Trump was received like visiting royalty here Saturday, as his debut on the world stage competed for attention at home with ongoing news of the scandal encircling his presidency.

In a series of official arrival ceremonies — at the airport and the Royal Court palace — Trump, his wife Melania, and an entourage including virtually his entire senior White House staff and much of his Cabinet, were serenaded by military bands, treated to a flyover of Saudi jets, feted in opulent palaces and given the undivided attention of King Salman, the ruler of this ultra-conservative Muslim nation.


The welcome reflected a kingdom eager to rekindle its relationship with the United States, and to use the visit to declare and solidify its own leadership role in the Muslim world.

As this desert capital baked in triple-digit heat under a pall of dust, American and Saudi flags flew from lightpoles. The facade of the Ritz Carlton, the palace-like hotel where Trump is staying, was illuminated with massive photographs of the two leaders and the red, white, blue and green of the two nations’ flags.

The only U.S. president to make Saudi Arabia his first foreign visit, Trump was presented with the highest honor for a foreign dignitary, the collar of Abdulaziz al-Saud, named for the for the kingdom’s founder, which Salman hung on a thick gold chain around Trump’s neck.

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As you can see, Donald Trump represents the USA with honor and pride! This medal will shut the liberals’ mouths. Donald Trump is a brilliant man and this fact is acknowledged all around the world. SHARE THIS POST EVERYWHERE! CONGRATULATIONS, MR PRESIDENT!