Scarlett Johansson Just Did Something UNFORGIVABLE To Ivanka Trump – THIS IS HUGE MISTAKE SCARLETT

HUGE INSULT- TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT! Just like that I will describe what Scarlett Johansson just did.

The sweet “sweedish girl” now turned into disgraceful liberal. The Hollywood celebrities constantly attack the First Family, even though, the First Family don’t even care about those  elitists’ servants.

In the post below you’re able to see how Scarlett Johansson secured her BOYCOTT! She needs to apology for her insults against Ivanka Trump and her family.

What the Hell ever happened to that “rule” about not attacking the President’s family? What Scarlett Johansson did to Ivanka Trump on last night’s SNL was just plain SICK!

Their “skit” started out normal enough. It seemed almost complimentary. Of course, that’s when it got dirty.

Those FAILED comedians actually had the nerve to say our AMAZING first daughter was “complicit” in destroying the country!

Ha! They joke is on them. Time for a REALITY CHECK:

  1. Donald Trump has been absolutely amazing for this country

  2. Ivanka has been a HUGE help to him every step of the way

If you wanna know who is REALLY complicit in destroying the country, it’s people like Scarlett Johansson and the cast of SNL. They sold out to Hillary Clinton and her goons so hard and for what? A few extra bucks? COME THE HECK ON!

Why not try showing our first family the SAME respect you showed the Obamas? I mean aren’t you sick of hearing “Oh, they made fun of the Obamas too”? YEAH RIGHT!

This is just another example of the Liberal, Clinton-Soros media machine using their power to brainwash our country.

Now it’s up to We the People to fight back. We can take them down, but it won’t be easy. Step one is to SHARE this all over the internet and show them that THEY, not us, are the real bullies!

Step 2 is BOYCOTT Scarlett Johansson!

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This is a stupid joke and this will cost Scarlett Johansson a lot! Ivanka Trump is a wonderful person, beautiful woman and real American patriot, unlike all of those Hollywood jesters. This is so disrespectful and sick. SHARE THIS POST AND WRITE BOYCOTT SCARLETT JOHANSSON! SHARE THIS POST IF YOU LOVE IVANKA TRUMP!