School Refuses To Play National Anthem Before The Football Game… Entire Team Shocks Crowd


While Colin Kaepernick may be refusing to stand for the national anthem, these high school athletes are doing everything they can to defend its honor.
According to reports, a Michigan high school recently refused to play the national anthem before the game.

“Like most schools in the state of Michigan, we choose to play the national anthem prior to the highest level of competition,” Carman-Ainsworth School Superintendent Eddie Kindle told reports. He then noted that the anthem was scheduled to be played before a junior high game later that night.
He claims the lack of an anthem was not a form of protest, but when students learned it wouldn’t be played, they took it upon themselves to sing it.
“It’s an incredible feeling. I’ve been with most of these players for three years now. They’re just an awesome group of kids,” Lapeer head coach Bryan Sahr said. “It makes me incredibly emotional and I don’t usually get emotional.”

The school also released a statement expressing their pride in the students’ actions.
“We’re just super proud of our guys to overcome that situation and take it upon themselves to sing the national anthem. We couldn’t be prouder,” said Lapeer High School athletic director Shad Spilski.