Sean Hannity Just Came Up With The Sickest Burn Ever For Killary, “She’s A _____”, Hillary Is FURIOUS


Sean Hannity recently interviewed successful Republican businessman Herman Cain on his show, and it inspired a great burn on Hillary Clinton.

They had a pointed discussion about who is going to win the race, and they discussed what Trump needed to do to win the third debate.

Offered Hannity, “he needs to stay on that teleprompter and do those big rallies. He loves them anyway. He’s happy tonight. He gets to do all of the rallies he wants. He doesn’t have to worry about these stupid debates anymore.”

Observed Herman, “He showed discipline tonight. And he was the substance candidate versus the rhetoric candidate.”

Then Hannity crushed Hillary. He said, “She’s a robot. She just sits there, regurgitates the same things she’s said in the last two debates.” Ouch! Do you agree?