Sean Hannity, Judge Jeanine, Monica Crowley, and O’Reilly All Respond To Trump’s Leaked Tape, Wow


Everyone in America has been reacting to Trump’s vulgar leaked audio clip. Some find it very offensive, some find it to be no big deal. In the end this is all a distraction from the much bigger leak, that is Hillary’s wall street transcripts. However, Sean Hannity, Judge Jeanine, Monica Crowley and O’Reilly all had intelligent responses to the clip.

“Im not defending his words. Why are you defending Bills ACTIONS and how Bill and Hillary smeared woman?” Tweeted Sean Hannity. Jeanine commented on how despite how it sounded, Trump is harmless and you can see that later on in the tape. “For all that banter between two high schoolers on a bus, he gets off the bus and, for this woman who is so gorgeous, he gives her an air kiss. Nobody is grabbing anybody. Nobody is touching anybody….” said Jeanine.

Monica Crowley responded “And we’re talking about something Donald Trump said, laughing with another guy, 11 years ago? You know what, Sean? Russia today essentially threatened the United States with World War III with nuclear weapons, and we’re talking about something Donald J. Trump was joking about 11 years ago? This country has serious problems, and we need to be focused on that.” O’Reilly also put it into perspective. “If you want to report accurately, Donald Trump was an entertainer and businessman for many, many years. He engaged in all kinds of activities. He said all kinds of things.” Check out the videos below.