Secret Service Gives Up Defending President Donald Trump – America In Shock


Barack Obama and his cruel deep state destroyed many institutions of this country, but what they did to the judiciary system and the security agencies is UNBELIEVABLE.

The deep state following Soros orders and using his concepts, already proven successful in Eastern Europe, to control the secret services and all judges. If you control justice and information, you’re basically unstoppable. Now, we still have to pay the price for Obama’s corrupted rats infiltrated in all segments of our society.

How shameful it is for the media to be worrying about spending “too much” money on the safety of our President? Well, they’ve sunk that low and it gets even worse. However, we all are aware that you can not put a price tag on the President’s security.

Namely, the Secret Service stated Monday it has sufficient money to guard President Trump through September, no matter them noting they are slowly hitting the spending limit for agents securing the president and his family.

“The Secret Service has the funding it needs to meet all current mission requirements for the remainder of the fiscal year and compensate employees for overtime within statutory pay caps,” agency director Randolph “Tex” Alles disclosed via a statement.

The active fiscal year ends on Sept. 30.

Alles stated that almost 1,100 employees will reach federally mandated limits on salary and overtime that were intended to last the whole year and suggested he will question Congress to pass legislation as it did this previous year to let the agency enlarge the pay caps.

“To remedy this ongoing and serious problem, the agency has worked closely with the Department of Homeland Security, the administration, and the Congress over the past several months to find a legislative solution,” Alles stated.

The Secret Service issued a statement following the USA Today report on how the agency has had difficulties in taking care of more job when protecting Trump since this previous year’s campaign.

The president constantly visits his properties in Florida, New Jersey and Virginia, and agents have protect more people than ever before. Trump has 42 people immediate to him, incorporating 18 members of his family that need the protection. To be honest, this is really pitiful for anyone to even consider as a downside. Obama had only 11 immediate people less than Trump and nobody seemed to complain about that.

Alles made a point that the price of protecting Trump is a segment of the issue.

“This issue is not one that can be attributed to the current administration’s protection requirements alone, but rather has been an ongoing issue for nearly a decade due to an overall increase in operational tempo,” he stated.

H/T RedNews

Donald Trump needs to be prepared 24/7. Today we also heard claims that some people want to assassinate Trump( the alleged plot from the Congress). In this situation, the Secret Service needs to give Trump the best possible protection.

We can pay millions for illegal aliens, but we can’t pay for Trump. How do you like this as a taxpayer?