SEE IT: Hillary Loses Her Mind, Goes on Rampage After Trump Tricks Media


After Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump effectively tricked the media at his live press event, the media were not the only ones upset. Democrat rival Hillary Clinton absolutely lost it and threw a huge temper tantrum online that had to be seen to be believed.

Trump held a press conference Friday that the media believed would involve the presidential candidate addressing the birther movement and the conspiracy around President Barack Obama’s true citizenship.

What Trump did instead was absolutely troll the media.

He got them to broadcast his event live on all of the major news networks and then used it as an opportunity to speak about his new hotel as well as let veterans who want to “Make America Great Again” speak on how they think Trump was the man to do it.

While several Medal of Honor recipients took the stage to endorse Trump as their choice for President, it dawned on the major news networks that they had been tricked.

Trump appeared only briefly to acknowledge plain and simply that Obama had been born in America.

The media was irate, and John King of CNN admitted afterwards that they “got played” by the Trump campaign. You can see his comments here:


However, the one who should be most embarrassed was Hillary Clinton, because she threw a huge tantrum after the presser was over. You can see how she lost her mind in the brutal Twitter rampage below.

And … she’s still going.

Doesn’t she know how to take a joke? I guess not … when the joke’s on her!

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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