Senate Seat Won By Republicans In Georgia

Great news! The liberal leftists are losing on every front. The American nation shows that “WE THE PEOPLE” is a super-powerful force that will drain the swamp and destroy the liberal elites and their corrupted deep state. Patriots are winning everywhere-look what happened in Georgia:

Kay Kirkpatrick has won Georgia’s 32nd district and is now their state senator. From CBS 46: Republican Kay Kirkpatrick has captured a state Senate seat after winning the election in Georgia’s 32nd District.

Kirkpatrick outpaced Democrat Christine Triebsch with nearly 57 percent of the vote for the seat vacated by Judson Hill, who left in February to run for the 6th District seat in Congress. District 32 covers a large portion of eastern Cobb County and a small part of Sandy Springs in Fulton County.

Voters in Georgia’s Senate District 32 have been bombarded with advertising and robo-calls in recent weeks. That’s because much of the district sits within the borders of Congressional District 6 where big bucks are being spent in the race between Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel.

H/T Red State Watcher

This is just the beginning! This is how we are going to win this battle!  WE, THE PEOPLE, are stronger than the liberal elites. SHARE THIS POST WITH YOUR FRIENDS- THIS IS JUST A PREPARATION FOR 2018 AND 2020!