Sheriff Clarke Just Destroyed Obama In a MAJOR Way – 8 Words That Will ENRAGE Liberals For Sure [VIDEO]

One of my personal favorites- Sheriff Clarke is back again! As always he is there to protect the dignity and pride of the American people. He is not defending the law and citizens of America as an officer, but he defends our cause as an intellectual. Barack Obama is leaving soon, but his  ,,departure” from the White House was furious. He was the creator of so many scandals, he caused big problems and set obstacles like landmines against Donald Trump. Instead of helping his successor, Obama was so selfish and corrupted that he did exact the opposite.On the other hand, Obama still works on his anti-police & anti-military agenda. He has no empathy for our brave officer- he disrespects them. Sheriff Clarke has a good point on Obama’s rotten behavior- read more below and watch the video:

Sheriff David Clarke destroyed President Barack Obama’s last days in office with a blistering remark that captured the sentiments of many Americans.

Appearing on Fox Business Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” Monday night, Clarke addressed the fatal shooting of Orlando Police Sgt. Debra Clayton by a black man.

He mentioned that the mainstream media tends to spin stories like this by glossing over the fact that black men are now prone to shoot at law enforcement officers, a tactic that has gained popularity since the founding of groups such as Black Lives Matter.

Thank God we only have 11 days left in his administration because he’s been an echo chamber for this anti-cop sentiment that has given rise to this,” Clarke said.

Clarke then went on the condemn Obama for interfering in matters that he knows little about. In this case, Clarke was referencing Obama’s effort to establish a task force that attempted to transform the profession of policing.

“He has no idea what it’s like to be a law enforcement officer and how fast these things can happen. He suggests that cops should engage in dialogue first. He suggests less than lethal options before they go to deadly force. How’d that work out for this Orlando police officer? She didn’t have a chance to engage in dialogue.”

In explaining how the situation in Orlando panned out, he said, “This is an example why sometimes, and it’s lawful to do this and it’s justifiable and articulable, you shoot first and you ask questions later.”Sheriff Clarke has been one of the loudest voices of reason throughout Obama’s presidency. He is spot on when he claims that the president is responsible for spreading anti-cop rhetoric in the last few years.

    H/T Conservative Tribune

This is a good video with extraordinary interview. It has a good title: ,,WAR ON COPS” , that’s right. The highest government official in our country declares war on the people that are supposed to keep the law and order. That is so ironical, but in the end, everything makes sense. The liberals tend to provoke anarchy and dichotomy in the nation, that is going to result with total destruction and misfortune. We have to respect and protect the people who risk their lives and are prepared to die in order to save us and our families. SHAME ON YOU OBAMA-YOU ARE PATHETIC!