Sheriff Clarke Is Leading Candidate For VERY Important Trump Cabinet Position, You’ll Cheer


Proud Patriots follows all the time the news connected with the new establishment of the White House very carefully, as you’ve seen before in lots of our post. Now, we are happy to announce that David Clarke, the Sheriff from Wisconsin is serious candidate for one of the crucial positions in Trump’s cabinet. For this dedicated and honorable man of the law writes Conservative101:

Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke takes a tough stance when it comes to protecting American citizens.In a wonderful turn of events, Clarke became an early backer for President-Elect Trump’s campaign, and ended up delivering a stirring speech on Trump’s behalf at the Republican National Convention.Now that Trump is assembling his cabinet, there is strong speculation that Trump will recognize Clarke’s leadership qualities and appoint him to a crucial position.

When the site Politico listed its possibilities for Trump’s different cabinet positions, Clarke’s was the only name they listed for Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.Said the site, “One person close to Trump’s campaign said David Clarke, the conservative sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, is a possible candidate for Homeland Security secretary.”

This could be a choice of a great value. Donald Trump with this once again crushes the infidel statements of the mainstream media that he is a racist and stuff like that. Donald Trump is, as we mentioned many times, a man of honor, man who knows what respect is and he NEVER divides people by color! Do you think Clarke will be a good choice? COMMENT AND SHARE ! STOP BEING IGNORANT, SPREAD THE TRUTH, BE A PATRIOT !