Sheriff Clarke Makes Major Announcement About President Trump Condemning Charlottesville’s Chaos


Sheriff Clarke responded to our President’s call for peace, unity and mutual understanding. The mean tongues from the media shot their poisonous arrows on every man and woman who decided to confront the ultra-liberal narrative used by the MSM, Democrats, traitor GOP members etc.

The left used the violence as an excellent ‘ace in the pocket’ to try to discredit President Trump and compromise his rating and authority, of course.



After President Trump showed strong will and dedication to improve our economy and get the job done with North Korea once and for all, his rating jumped for 6%.

The leftists, despite everything they did with unseen anti-propaganda on the mainstream media, they are now desperate and they ask for help from the good, old George Soros and his foot soldiers.

That’s what happened in Charlottesville. And it’s not about black vs white, it’s about the establishment against Trump.

They will start a civil war if needed only to protect themselves and their wealth. Soon we will see the most important trials in the modern American history.


Black Lives Matter and the rest of the ultra-liberal radical factions, as well as the white supremacists and Nazis, are controlled by the same source of power. It’s simple. The leftists used this chaos as a chance to rebel against Trump and the police, mostly.

They used this as an excuse. A pathetic one. We have to take the advice from our president. That’s what only matters.