SHOCK REPORT: Judge Who Stopped Trump Order Caught In MASSIVE Rape SCANDAL

We have a horrible news to share! Judge who stopped our President’s executive order is caught in a rape scandal. That is disgusting. This judge who confronted the voters and the President is nothing better than a racist with no empathy and feelings. He also doesn’t care for the future and the safety of our people with his act of arrogance- turning down the executive order.

Judge Robart’s judgment was already in question when he issued a “stay” on Trump’s Executive Order travel ban. It appears he has now made another major error.

Judge Robart will not compel an alleged female sex offender to co-operate with an subpoena issued against her, because it would cause, “emotional and psychological trauma.” (via Reason)

If you think you’re fuming with anger now, just wait. The alleged sex offender, “Sandra Jones,” is an Amherst College student. Originally, she accused “John Doe” of assaulting her, forcing her to perform oral sex on him.

John Doe has now brought suit against the college, for violating his right to due process, expelling him wrongfully, and ignoring evidence that he is actually the victim of a sexual assault by Sandra Jones.

Sandra Jones brought her allegations of assault to the college two years after the incident. But the real meat of the suit is a series of text messages Jones sent after the incident, which we cannot verify.

Allegedly in these messages, mainly to a Residence Assistant, Sandra Jones called her activity with John Doe a “stupid” mistake, explained that she went to another sexual encounter just after the alleged assault, and admitted she was not “not an innocent bystander.”

At the time that Amherst College was looking into this matter, they admitted that John Doe was likely “black-out” drunk at the time of the incident, but they failed to examine the text messages. Later, John Doe found out about the messages, but Amherst College would not re-open the matter.


Apparently, neither will Judge Robart. Look, it’s hard to say from this limited information whether John Doe or Sandra Jones’ version of events is correct. But, that’s exactly why an investigation should be performed.

Instead, Judge Robart is relying on the College’s conclusion that Sandra Jones is the victim. However, part of John Doe’s allegations are that the College did not serve him justice. Besides, even if John Doe had no specific complaints about the way the college handled the case, they necessarily do not have the same standards for sexual assault that the law demands.

It seems that Judge Robart, once again, feels that he can completely disregard the facts of a matter. It didn’t matter to him that the President of the United States didn’t mention the word “Muslim” in his so-called “Muslim ban.” So, why would would he seek to get his hands on Sandra Jones’ text messages, he’s just going to ignore what they say anyway.

H/T Angry Patriot Movement

This is disgusting. Where are the liberals and the leftists now? If they are really fighting and acting in the role of ,,human right activists” they should protest against this corrupted Judge( if the claims of the victims are true). However, the institutions have to investigate the case and find out if Judge Robart is guilty.