SHOCK REPORT: Look Who Just Got The OK To Kill Bald Eagles – HORRIFYING


This is cruel! The liberals suddenly made the people forget what does it mean to be American. It seems that our traditional signs and protected species are not in interest for the liberal puppets. They often act as a big animal lovers, but only when they are in need of popular support. That is sick. They approve killing of the Bald Eagles:

Liberals like to shed a lot of tears about the environment, and they like to act like they actually care about nature, but their actions show that in the end they really don’t care about any of it.

In their attempt to come up with “alternative” ways of producing energy, liberals have turned to wind farms as a potential answer. However a side effect of these farms is the deaths of thousands of birds — which hasn’t stopped the projects at all, CNS News reported.

In fact, new permits are going to be issued to wind farms starting next year that will actually increase the number of bald eagles the farms are allowed to kill.

You read that right. In their efforts to protect nature and the environment, liberals are letting wind farms slaughter thousands of bald eagles — and they still don’t see the hypocrisy.

These new “incidental take permits,” which will cost $36,000, will allow permit holders to kill 4,200 bald eagles, as opposed to the 1,100 currently permitted.

Save The Eagles International claimed that despite what the government tells us, wind farms actually kill many more bald eagles (and other birds) than are reported, and could potentially cause some of these birds to go extinct.

Fox News noted that reporting the eagle mortality rates at wind farms is “voluntary,” and naturally the Interior Department has refused to release the necessary information.

So much for government transparency.

If liberals were serious about saving the environment, they wouldn’t be investing in energy sources that could wipe out the symbol of America, as well as countless other bird populations.

However, liberals are just hypocrites who like to cry when they don’t get their way. We shouldn’t expect anything better from them.

H/T Conservative Tribune

Well we have to confront every liberal and protect the Bald Eagles. It is pretty hard to fight against the hypocrisy of the liberals. According to them everybody that is not sharing their views is old fashioned and stupid, but they are always politically correct and real hippies.